Shading and climate planning


As a major cause of good feelings and creating a pleasant living space, we use shade to reduce temperature, control the intensity of light, and sculpt and shape shapes in the garden. In the age of global warming outside, and the air conditioner inside – the importance of climate planning in the garden can not be underestimated. In the design of the shading and the climate, we place the 3D model of the house and garden on its real location on the Google map, add shading data to the planned systems, and perform accurate analyzes by day, hour and season.

We do our own independent field studies, and we build a database of temperature and comfort. The difference between the different materials and the different elements used for shading is very important. Therefore, using our extensive database , Which defines the temperature of the corresponding surfaces One of the customers defined the outcome of our climate planning as follows: Before planning – “I suffer here, a terrible heat until evening, can not get out “After the planning – you changed my life – just like that …

We go out to the garden every day throughout the afternoon and evening, we stopped watching television for a while – instead we enjoy the outdoors with the family “In the next gallery you will see shading programs that show the position of the shadow at different times, and compare the location of the shadow in the winter to the summer.

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