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Haggai Tadmor


How to create a garden that will demonstrate something special to the visitor to the garden, I asked myself when I came to plan the demonstration garden. From here, a few more questions arose: Who is the common visitor in the kindergarten?

What does the garden of many people look like? What would a man look for in his garden? I remembered again the hundreds of customers I had met, and tried to summarize everything into one keyword that answered all the questions – the answer is a man.

A woman and a child will follow their feelings and tendencies – if the garden creates the sensations, The first space – people feel comfortable when the space they are in is well organized, and gives enough space and space even within a tiny space. Second Relaxation – comfortable temperature, radiation level Pleasant, refreshing breeze, soft sounds.

Third interest – pleasant to observe and satisfy the curiosity nature As of our food offer the visitor, and how to fill the expectations of these emotions and feelings? Create a sense of space – created space neatly organized. I built the garden on two axes of view: the main axis is tilted at a 60-degree angle to the longitude of the field, thus extending the gaze along a greater distance. The secondary axis is perpendicular to the main axis, with partial separation between them.

The large and tall pergola, which encloses the space from the upper side in a protective manner, is also open. The view extends and doubles the area of ​​the garden, adding to the feeling of space. The feeling in the garden is spacious – despite its tiny size. To create a sense of relaxation – a pleasant temperature, a refreshing breeze and soft natural lighting are regulated by the high and open pergola, the straw mats save, but allow the passage of the wind, a large ornamental swimming pool and a surfing waterfall. The large ones are soothing, but very different from the sound of the drop of drops. The falls are built in opposite directions and you can feel the difference between the sounds, as you move from the sitting area to the floor in front of the waterfall. So I used two different sounds – together, and separately.

To improve the sense of relaxation I created simple forms that connect to a harmonic composition. In order to create interest – here I let the imagination go wild, and I created different elements: the walking path on the water and the horizon – interesting, very attractive, and evokes many feelings and feelings: challenge, Curiosity, fear, but especially puts the person in a new place in space – standing on the water, close close, touches not touching, not really on the water, but also not on the ground.

For a moment, far away, and immediately close, one step away from the familiar place. The flower boxes and the robes emphasize the differences in colors, texture and materials, in an attractive combination of heights. To create a slight sense of mystery I created a partial separation between the sitting area and some of the garden is hidden, Is there around the corner? In order to complete the sensations in the garden – and when the practical side came I chose special materials of their quality, and I made sure to make a perfect finish. The handle is made of eroco wood, and all the screws are hidden in traffic jams from the same tree. The waterfall is built from a gray “Bir Zeit” rock, sawn and processed according to the plan. The drop of the drops is made from a yellowish “heavenly” rock.

The pebbles are imported and have a special texture and color shape. The walking path on the water was built from the stones of God forbid, processed with charcoal brushes. The use of plants was designed to complement the special sensations, shapes and colors, and was gentle and elegant. I tried to create an interesting garden, attractive, shaded and light, This garden was created in my head and built by me for you. Your service is always Tadmor holidays

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