A landscaped roof garden is the pinnacle of urban landscaping. Its physical-topographical features limit the designer and require finding solutions, but in the same breath allow countless styles, according to the customer's vision and dream.

The complete detachment from the surroundings makes it possible to design a roof garden that matches the urban landscape and continues it, or an open roof garden that feels as though it were on the ground. Roof gardens can be designed in any style, the garden can be an integral part of the roof or separated by the creation of different surfaces and levels and the use of materials with different properties such as wood, concrete, acrylic surfaces.

The process of designing a roof garden begins with brainstorming with the customer and creating a vision that serves as a guideline throughout the process, and proceeds with the planning of the elements of the roof garden – topography, division into levels, planning of planting, irrigation and drainage tanks. In the construction of the roof garden, advanced planting plants with long life expectancy, computerized irrigation and fertilization systems, and drainage and water treatment systems are used to make the roof garden easy, precise and environmentally friendly.

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