About Hagay Tadmor
It's in his gardens - artist Hagay Tadmor

“The role of art is to create a better world, even if it is a small private world in which a light afternoon breeze blows in the garden behind the house, and my design is a useful art that affects people’s lives every day.”

Even after three decades of work, Haggai Tadmor continues to see every project as a unique opportunity. Creativity and advanced thinking are expressed in every stage of the process: from creating a special relationship with the client and looking into the depth of his dream through creative planning, creating advanced and immersive simulations, and using special materials and full inspiration. Hagai is careful to maintain personal contact with the clients throughout the various stages, to emphasize the information along with the planning and implementation, and to create genes that tell a story that has not yet been heard.

About Hagay Tadmor

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    Partners in Ma’ayan Ganim:

    Eran Koloditsky

    Landscape Architect Reshavi, Graduate of the Technion, Haifa

    He has vast knowledge and experience in landscape architecture, garden design, design, vegetation and irrigation, in the leading architectural offices in Israel. Eran is a full partner for all stages of planning and design at Maayan Ganim, and he designs gardens and projects at various levels of complexity: detached houses, schools, parks, parks and more.

    Lian Idan Segway

    Architect, Graduate of the Department of Architecture – Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.

    Owner of M.A. In the fields of planning, environment and community research – Tel Aviv University. Lian is another designer and designer at Maayan Ganim, which specializes in planning and designing gardens and urban planning.

    Yosef Cohen

    The dedicated execution manager of Ma’ayan Ganim, a renowned expert in construction, development and gardening.

    Yosef is in charge of managing the work teams. Yosef is careful to be in personal contact with each client and customer, to listen and update it at every stage of the work and to take care of the timetable of the project and meticulous performance details.

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    At Maayan Ganim, each project has a contractor insurance policy, and written responsibility. We are a registered contractor no. 25536. Execution executed well by the planner personally ensures that the project is completed above the customer’s expectations level.

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