Modern design garden in Ra’anana



Haggai Tadmor, Eran Koloditsky

Execution of:

Execution of:

Ma'ayan Ganim


The challenge in planning:

Pensioners sought to design the garden so that it would attract and serve the extended family, the children and the grandchildren, between the ages of 2 and 18. The plot is quite small and divided into three levels.

Which was created to accommodate a swimming pool and reception areas, and an impressive entrance plaza designed to host a sukkah on Sukkot, where 20 people will be accommodated on one level together.

The feeling of overcrowding in the small lot was replaced by a sense of well-being. Designed for dual use and space saving. Lighting and lighting poles, a hidden speaker system with a connection to a smartphone – for the grandchildren.

Stairs hover over the light in a new design, allowing easy access between the levels. In meticulous planning, precise execution disappeared electrical cables, air conditioning engines, pipes and other infrastructure. And today the mirror is clean and inviting.

The final result serves the extended family well, and the grandchildren are hosted “at the pool of grandmother and grandfather” several times a week. Garden age at 8 months.

Location – Ra’anana.

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