Lighting design


“Architecture is the smart, precise and wonderful game of volumes that are connected under the light. Our eyes were created to see the shapes under the light.” – Le Corbusier. The essence of design affects the feelings of the beholder. In the light, shadow, and material we design the space to create the desired sensations for the customer. The game between the clarity of the picture that is revealed and the mystery that is hidden in the future is fascinating and enchants the viewer. The person feels his surroundings at eye level and we create interest, beauty and perfection for you.

The light is a key part of the design of the environment, softness and movement, bold and introverted, formal and private – are part of our tools for sculpting experiences in light. Lighting design is a professional field – not We understand the meanings of lighting design.

We at Maayan Ganim invested a great deal in learning the architectural meanings of lighting on the one hand, and building a real scientific database by measuring the practical light intensities from each lighting fixture that we offer. Measurements are carried out on a regular basis and in advanced laboratory equipment. Measurements are always carried out in the field – in the gardens where the fixtures and lamps are installed, and under natural conditions of maintenance, not cleaning dust from the bodies. These data are realistic in contrast to various manufacturer data measured in sterile conditions in laboratories.

These data are fed into professional software used to design the lighting. These tools enable the closest lighting simulation to reality – hence the considerable savings in purchasing expensive and sometimes unnecessary fixtures and lamps. In the planning of advanced lighting, we perform analyzes to calculate the actual lighting intensity on the designated surfaces, such as: the dining table in the garden or home, the corner of the outdoor living room, the grill corner, the hospitality area, pergola, etc. This analysis also takes into consideration the various environmental factors: Street lighting, close home lighting, back lighting from swimming pool, air dives, etc. In each lighting design we produce concentrated tables detailing the power consumption, total power, light intensity, different lighting circuits, and details for each lighting fixture.

Detailed plans that present the lighting coverage areas well According to facades, plans, and 3D views, most of the simulations performed in the market are always focused on producing the most amazing image. We at Ma’ayan Ganim prefer to offer the customer the closest simulation to reality to serve as a tool for planning decisions. Demonstrating the real designed lighting, without any image design, and as a tool for the customer to estimate the amount of lighting he will receive. In the attached gallery, you will see examples of lighting programs. The results of the planning and execution will be seen throughout the site, especially in the galleries of the garden lighting, a project in lighting, and advanced garden lighting.

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