Gates and fences


The passageways and openings through which we pass, and enter the light and the spirit – into the garden and the home – are most significant in creating the variety of feelings that the environment creates in man.

Definitions and gates – How do we balance between a sense of security and safety and a sense of space and freedom? Maayan Ganim has the knowledge and experience in the design and construction of fences and gates, with full reference to the implications for the light and shade of the house and the green areas. We build a variety of materials and know how to keep an open mind and listen to the full needs of the customer and his family and their wishes to delimit and protect their privacy and privacy. Private sensations and concealment, space and light, greatly influence the moods.

These principles guide the staff of Ma’ayan Ganim during the planning and execution of doors and gates Windows and fences. Here too, the use of a large variety of materials and the concept of “open head” – to listen to the customer – ripen to special elements …

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