Garden in a modern design in Tel Aviv



Haggai Tadmor, Eran Koloditsky


Designing a useful space in a small urban garden Generally, a garden is the green space surrounding the house, and there is a clear separation between the home space and the garden space, the landscape in which the house is located.

In the case before us, the garden and the house are one space, the garden space is designed according to the owners’ The space is divided into several spaces characterized by usability that differs from space to space, with the line between them being a high contrast between matter and quality. So iron surfaces turn their skins and tell about fresh water drops.

The pergola beams in warm colors and a rounded line float above the garden. The functional kitchen is a connection to the space that is designed by combining cold material with soft and warm properties. At first glance, the line connecting the spaces is noticeable, but sitting in each of them and descending to detail quickly reveals that each space is actually a collection of items designed according to its own guideline Space is a design collection with a different agenda.

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