Ein Vered Sample garden


The idea

When I came to plan a demonstration garden, I asked myself the important questions that guided me in planning a garden: To whom? Why? For what purpose?

To the Israeli public, who have private decency. Why? In order to show the visitor in the garden the variety of possibilities for extracting the essence of the garden, even in a tiny area. In order to meet the needs of the private proprietors in Israel. I reminded myself of what the private garden in Israel looks like: small, bordered on all sides by the gardens or homes of the neighbors, with no horizon and natural scenery. Also, what is the Israeli looking for in his small garden: Clean, elegant and interesting. So I chose to create a garden that creates in the visitor the feelings of space, space, horizon, tranquility and nature, but also elegance, simplicity, interest, order and cleanliness.

Field development

How does the garden express these feelings and desires?

The light pavement spread across the garden and the width of the path provide great light and a sense of space and space.

Creating a horizon and space by using a mirror that reflects the channel, the pool and the spring stone, and doubles the garden.

The narrow water channel creates a long axis, extending from the extended spring stone, through the surface of the water that crosses the pavement, to the horizon in the mirror. The sculpted bench in the pale rock, with small springs of water disappearing quietly among the pebbles, together with the stone of the spring that creates a delicate sound of water dripping, emphasizes the sounds and feelings of nature.

The selection of plants and their location complement the feeling of relaxation in the garden:

Plants with a cushion shape and a soft leaf texture, such as Eucalyptus KKL, Nandina Compacta and miniature bamboo, create a soft and delicate feeling, plants with a soft grassy shape, such as a variety of bulbus, feathers, blood grass and tobogia. , A garden bathed in foliage, shading, but also airiness and space, are created by white, white, and pink kleindra. The game of colors in the garden is a variety on the one hand, but relaxing on the other hand: pink, Kleandra and white to Gestermia paint the high landscape in the garden. On the natural bamboo walls a white flower pandora climbs into the dark red of a feather, and the yellow of the glove and the tunic. The color game continues in the low plants, such as the hot red of the torpedo cupea. Relaxed in a bright green round of pink, white and pink petosphorus, the entrance path is gently served by Gaura.

And the practical side:

In this kindergarten I expressed the principles of implementation and maintenance, which determine the extent of the value of the consideration to the customer from the kindergarten. The vegetation is easy to maintain and is limited to little care. The uncompromising level of finish ensures long-term use in the garden. The quality of materials and construction radiates completeness and cleanliness. The hidden operating systems within a dedicated cabinet and a hidden machinery room ensure that the irrigation and pool systems are maintained and are easily accessible and integrate into the harmony of the garden.

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