Design of small gardens



Haggai Tadmor, Eran Koloditsky

Execution of:

Execution of:

Ma'ayan Ganim


Modern garden in Modi’in.

Tiny garden designDesign and design:

landscape architect Hagai Tadmor. Implementation: Ma’ayan Ganim. Garden age at the time of photography – 60 days.

The challenge: The design of a small garden of only 29 square meters, which has already undergone a major concept change and renovation that did not yield results.

From the garden garden to the south and west, the customer says: “I suffer here, Can not go out to the garden, and if not my wife who wants to stay – we would have moved from here a long time ago.

“The entire area was paved with ceramic tiles, on a concrete floor, and above a pergola that was not covered.

Customers have set a low budget for upgrading, and now what do they do?

Design of small gardens – how to do it?

We performed a redesign that included two different options, analyzed the possible shading solutions, and agreed on a general development plan.

As part of a comprehensive garden planning process, we built a new drainage system, a tiny ornamental pond and boxes built into the concrete floor, and we rearranged it with a lovely travertine stone. – which does not heat up and returns less light, we replaced the pergola cover, and of course we installed water, electricity and lighting systems, and planted large trees for immediate shading and lush vegetation. The performance is two weeks.

The design of small gardens – the result is amazing.

After only 60 days, we arrived at the garden photographer. The customer said: “You changed my life – just like that – we go out to the garden every day throughout the afternoon and evening, we stopped watching television – instead we enjoy the outdoors with the family.”

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